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Crafting a sigil allows for the creation of a shorthand which aids in the creation of the thoughtform. In general, nearly all types of magic of the first form are simply extensions of this concept. Creating a shorthand for a magical effect. Whether this is sygaldry, whether it is the use of word magic, or whether it is the creation of items which one forces themselves to associate with a thoughtform, and uses when needed. Of course, all this shorthand is not strictly required. One could, with enough mental discipline, perform all of this within their own mind.

It would take exponentially longer, be more mentally draining, but strictly speaking, it's not impossible. It's simply more impractical, and more dangerous. There are of course, all sorts of methods for mental shorthand. Sympathetic links help a mind make connections, and direct energy flow. Correspondence helps a person visualize an effect. It is a highly individualized process, and everyone builds thoughtforms differently. Of course, things work rather differently once one is dealing with sentient thoughtforms.

This sounds like humans who would evolve in this world wouldn't really be humans because this magic would shape their minds differently.

Thought-Forms: Your Creations of Thought Existing Among Us

Of course, that's just me dragging science in here. But you should keep in mind the implications on psychology this has. Cake Day. Set the mood, light candles, meditate and talk to spirits. They are waiting and listening, ready to intervene.

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Do not be afraid of ghosts and spirits, for they hold the skeleton key that will unlock potential. Collecting items is quite simple. Gather whatever it is that makes your body quiver — from your deepest, darkest desires to your most innocent longings. Any of the following items are suggested: flowers or rocks, locks of hair, fingernails, menstrual blood, fallen leaves, candle wax or bound herbs. Start building, placing the items together or inside a special box.

May each piece have a special place in your heart, even the tiniest blade of grass matters if you say it does. Welcome each one to the altar. Yes, you are building an altar.

And with each offering, the altar absorbs your charge. The ideal altar for sex magic will include all four elements earth, air, water, fire plus the fifth ether.

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But the secret is placing ether as the focal point in order to fortify your sex magic. This will elevate your powers. A huge part of sex magic is avoiding sex. Sex magic is not about having sex all the time, although there is a time and a place for that sort of sex magic.

e-book Thought Forms: Creation and Charging

In order to receive maximum benefits of sex magic, the point is to control energy. Some might know this from tantric sex sessions.

For those who practice yoga, especially kundalini, this will sound familiar. Manipulating energy is the key to sex magic.

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When you control self — both body and ego — you relinquish fears. You trust the universe and let divine timing take over. This research is supported by UT Austin, but there are no grants associated with this work. The UT Austin Office of Technology Commercialization is actively negotiating license agreements with multiple companies engaged in a variety of battery-related industry segments. Pictured: Maria Helena Braga. Copy link.

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