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Many people use these phrases and we seem to find them just right to describe what we hope for and fear during certain kinds of intense, emotionally traumatic pain. But mostly, I think, we do not really know exactly what we mean. And yet, we all understand something about what each of us might mean. In the last chapters, as the triad of faith, hope and death is developed, the psychology of uncertainty takes a clearer but still dynamic form. Faith and hope coexist with doubt and insecurity as they arise out of uncertainty and trauma.

We see how our fear of psychological annihilation reflects a loss of faith in knowing anything at all. If form remains opposed to chaos, it is split and dead, and we have no way to move on into an emerging reality of uncertain future. Healing requires openness to uncertainty, which allows in hope and faith.

Psychological trauma

The paradox of uncertainty includes both chaos and form, without the walling apart of dichotomy. Hope, she points out, arises out of uncertainty and healing is a normative developmental process. In trauma we are exiled from our illusion of certainty and in multiple ways we face the experience of annihilation and death. Death is unknown, yet ultimately certain, both fearful and attractive. Dr Brothers escorts us into the dilemma—how what seem to be opposites also seem to be intrinsically connected, and, like the magnetic poles of the earth, liable to flip and be perceived in reversed positions.

Shame and Self-Loathing in the Treatment of Trauma with Janina Fisher, Ph.D.

We dichotomize, create opposing concepts, so as to create order, only to discover that our concepts seem now to move on their own, turning over their meaning and refusing to sit still for us just when we think we have a secure understanding. Is it Eros, or is it Thanatos? In our experiences of death—death, symbolic death, desire and fear—we can see and feel how our experiences are not really so fixed. Even the models we construct to bring us clarity reveal unintentional duality and nuance, plunging us again into the uncertainty we are trying to escape. This paradox is the aliveness that underlies our attempts to secure our concepts.

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The writings of Anna Freud: Problems of psychoanalytic training, and the technique of therapy. New York: International Universities Press. There are currently no reviews Be the first to review. Utilizing clinical research of rape and incest victims and Vietnam combat veterans, this text argues that trauma results from real occurrences that have, as their unconscious meaning, the shattering of "central organizing fantasies" of self in relation to selfobject. Our customers have not yet reviewed this title.

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