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Second Corinthians Collins, Raymond F. Description: In this addition to the well-received Paideia series, a respected senior New Testament scholar examines cultural context and theological meaning in Second Corinthians. He discusses exegetical issues at length, seeming to leave no stone unturned, and maintains a constant concern to integrate exegetical conclusions in theologically creative and fruitful ways.

Roy E. Ciampa and Brian S. Rosner co-authored the Pillar New Testament Commentary volume Eerdmans, and the result is probably the most exegetically rigorous and theologically insightful volume in that series.

Second Corinthians (Paideia: Commentaries on the New Testament) - eBook

Their exposition is well-grounded in solid reasoning and is also highly readable. A third excellent exegetical commentary is that of David E. Any pastor wrestling with the argument of 1 Corinthians could hardly do better than to enjoy the conversation between these three volumes. Perhaps the only way to improve the situation would be to add Richard B.

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George H. Murray J.

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Harris NIGTC, treats the Greek text in great detail, discussing exegetical options and offering grammatical insights. He delves into the text-critical issues more deeply than other commentators. Paul Barnett NICNT, offers more exposition than the exegetical detail of Harris, though his careful treatment of the text is elaborated with exegetical detail in the footnotes. Frank J. Scott J.

Hafemann NIV Application Commentary; Zondervan, includes more exegetical detail than one would expect in this series and the result is a theologically compelling work.

It seems to have been some time since an exegetical commentary appeared on Galatians , but this has been rectified by the appearance of several new volumes. Romans and Galatians are the ground over which many of the recent lively discussions have taken place regarding competing perspectives on Paul. His theological exposition is clear and compelling and he often engages competing interpretations. He cannot easily be pinned down with reference to recent debates on Paul, which is commendable.

His handling of the text is succinct but thorough, and the manner in which he brings the text into contemporary life in his sections dedicated to reflection is a model of pastoral appropriation of biblical texts.

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Oakes also provides suggestive theological reflections that are at each point thoughtful and point readers back to the text, while also opening up possibilities for creative engagements with the contemporary world. Martinus C. Clinton E. In addition to a detailed exegetical treatment, he provides a helpful structural analysis for each section, along with theological and pastoral reflections.

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Stephen E. Fowl NTL, provides a solid and readable exposition, handling exegetically complex issues before discussing passages in a straightforward manner. He has a forthright and strikingly circumspect discussion of the authorship question, preferring throughout to refer to Paul as the author, though he might remain a bit ambivalent.

His treatment of Ephesians is careful and clear, holding together a close reading of the text and a theological orientation.