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If you find souls who will share that goal, then you can drink God together from the chalice of divine friendship. The highest duty God has given you is to develop His consciousness in yourself and to help true friends to do the same. So long as life sweetly sings with God, it will bring happiness to you and to others. Friends that harmonize spiritually with you are therefore very important. No matter what difference of opinion there is between you and such friends, there is always understanding and communication. In that relationship, regardless of differing views, you have mutual respect and cherish your friendship above everything else.

True friendship established in God is the only relationship that is lasting. So, whenever you meet people, be watchful. Notice your first reaction to them. This tells you much about whether you knew those individuals before. It is not an emotion. When you feel in your heart a deep harmony with another person, then you know that you knew each other before.

Of course, I have also met some enemies of the past, but mostly friends. I remember another life centuries ago, when someone I loved very much was inimical to me and hurt me; but I triumphed over him. I met him again in this life, and again he became treacherous. But I have tried only to help him. He shall pursue me no more. Forgiveness is more powerful than revenge.

I have forgiven everyone who has knowingly or unknowingly tried to annoy or hurt me. I want nothing for myself any more. I have found such joy in my heart by giving everything to God and doing everything for Him. Those who do evil stew in their own evil. They can't really hurt you unless you let them.

Even our enemies are all part of the tests of life. When an evil person tries to persecute you, remember that he has probably tried to harm you in some way in the past also.

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If you think of that hurt and how terrible that person is, that is a great mistake. When you give out hateful thoughts, that person receives them and hates you twice as much. Also, hate attracts, as does love. You don't want the magnet of your hate to draw your enemies near you. Never hate anyone. Love and forgiveness have a healing effect on yourself and on your enemies. And be grateful for all the wonderful friends God has given to you.

Never try to impose yourself, to force your friendship, on anyone. I give my love to all; and to those souls who are in harmony with me, I give my friendship unconditionally. When I receive the same, I rejoice, because in that friendship is the manifestation of God. I also recall my own past incarnations, beyond all doubt. In the Tower of London, for example, I found many places that I remembered from a past life, places the present caretakers didn't know anything about.

Because I was once an Englishman, in my childhood in India I preferred to eat with a fork and knife. When my family asked why I wanted to use these instead of my fingers, as is the Indian custom, I said, "I remember this from the past. Such glimpses of past lives will be given to you as you advance spiritually.

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God will show them to you. And when you will be less curious about such matters, and your mind is filled only with God, you will know even more. Remember, you are sent on earth to strive to destroy the bad tendencies and habits you have brought over from previous lives, and to avoid creating any more in your present incarnation, so that you may find God. Then you can walk out of this life saying, "Lord, my life's purpose is fulfilled.

I don't have to come back again, unless You want me to come to serve You. You should seek God now; don't wait incarnations to find Him. He can be known in this life—now. And the more quickly you know Him, the better off you will be.

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It can be sung aloud or silently to oneself. Earned by a member of Eckankar through spiritual unfoldment and service to God. The initiation is a private ceremony in which the individual is linked to the Sound and Light of God. Living ECK Master. The title of the spiritual leader of Eckankar.

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His duty is to lead Soul back to God. He is the Living Word. An expression of the Spirit of God that is always with you.

Soul recognition. A state of seeing, knowing, and being. The scriptures are comprised of twelve volumes in the spiritual worlds. The first two were transcribed from the inner planes by Paul Twitchell, modern-day founder of Eckankar. The True Self.

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The inner, most sacred part of each person. Soul exists before birth and lives on after the death of the physical body. Then we can be led by the Spirit, and our body will be in submission to His will and Word. A perfect church is a church with no soul ties.


One mind. One spirit. One accord. They have all things in common. They have perfect union with the Holy Spirit. It is this church that is spiritual and not weird. Soul ties with your "girlfriend and boyfriend. Sons and daughters are living with their parents now until they are Soul tie! Inordinate affection is sin according to Colossians Soul ties with our culture will bind us. We won't do or say something because of our upbringing.

That is a soul tie! Soul ties will keep you grounded like a chicken. You are not a kite. You can't go anywhere with a soul tie. If you have a soul tie, you become that kite.