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Meanwhile, her individual memories become a mirror of the collective memory through the insertion of snippets of archival footage — as in her fictional encounter with an actual boy searching for his parents amidst the ruins. And on a third level, fairy-tales serve as metaphors for the atrocities committed by the Nazis. Sanders-Brahms uses long takes and tracking shots here to depict a poetic nightmare.

Historians always act as though they can interpret history objectively. That is simply a lie. In her struggle for survival during the war, for example, Lene experiences a sense of freedom and self-confidence.

Deutschland, bleiche mutter (German Edition)

In the post-war order, however, this feeling is stripped away from her by a renewed subjugation in which her teeth are literally and figuratively extracted in the treatment of her mysterious malady. And yet Lene, who instinctively abhors the Nazis, becomes yet another passive accomplice when a Jewish acquaintance of hers is attacked and, instead of intervening, she strains to duck away from the scene.

https://vinghealthfifpconbo.tk The director subsequently received death threats and had to have police protection for several months. But for Sanders-Brahms it became increasingly difficult to raise funds for new projects.


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