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Artists - W. Canadian Idiot is found on the album Straight Outta Lynwood. Weird Al Yankovic — Canadian Idiot. Read More Edit Wiki.

Wierd Al - Canadian Idiot

Lyrics powered by LyricFind. Canadian Idiot song meanings. Add your thoughts 38 Comments. Song Meaning At first glance it looks like this song pokes fun at Canada, but there is much more to it. It really is written to poke fun at the way Americans form ridiculous stereotypes about Canada. The song is also a humorous commentary about American paranoia and aggression: "It's gotta mean they're all up to something so quick before they see it coming time for a pre-emptive strike" The song also tries to indirectly characterize Americans as over-aggressive. The song spends a lot of time "poking fun" at Canada, but the stereotypes are meant to sound overly-silly to emphasize how ridiculous American beliefs about Canada can be.

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The songwriter's true positive feelings about Canada shine through in direct compliments to the country: "they got their national health care Cheaper meds, low crime rates, and clean air" In contrast, the song doesn't make any compliments about American lifestyle at all. Overall, its actually a very pro-Canada song if you read between the lines. The song characterizes Canadians as a polite people. The song recognizes Canada for their low pollution, low crime, and health care system. I'm Canadian, and I'm not offended, I just think it's dumb.

But Weird Al isn't Canadian He's making fun of American Ignorance So yes Weird Al, it is ironic, don't you think? Canadian Ladybug - October 12, - Report this comment.

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I love the song, I am Canadian and I find it hilarious!! Most of it is pretty true, except not all of Canada is freezing cold ya know!

It is funny.. Chicken Herman - October 15, - Report this comment. Isadora - October 24, - Report this comment. It was okay. I mean, props to you for spending the time to write a song. It wasn't anything spectacular though, but then I'm really not a fan of any parody. Although, you're slightly better than Weird Al, who I hope quits Alex - October 30, - Report this comment. Parody Cop Killer - November 14, - Report this comment. His version is not verbatim to this, so the author is safe here.

Get over yourself. Chankooooo - November 15, - Report this comment. NMan - November 20, - Report this comment. Great Parody, of course I like Wierd Al's better. Its not a copyright issue because he couldnt have taken Wierd Als idea he released it over a year before Straight outta lynwood. Paulie - November 23, - Report this comment.

Pretty dumb but I can laugh at it cause Canadians always have a good sense of humour Oh, and no, it doesn't snow here year round so leave your skis and boards at home ya dumb yanks!! Yes we are a kinder gentler people and are not hated by the rest of the world. Minnesota and other parts of the us get more snow than parts of canada, being a canadian and interested in all parts of the world is how I know that.

Sascquech - December 04, - Report this comment. Cody Slusher - October 24, - Report this comment. Selected Albums American Idiot. Boulevard of Broken Dreams 1. Smells Like Nirvana. I Can't Watch This.

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