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Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Skip to content. Cashell, Kieran. London: I. Tauris, Fascination with autopsy and industrial slaughter, vivisection andserial murder — repeated excursions from the abattoir to the pathology lab — is guaranteed to disturb for related reasons.

Even the ironic scientific alibi under which the artist presents his prurient curiosities seems cynically perverse in an aesthetic context and may act to serve up a supplementary chill to a long travelogue of transgressions. Yet his work also plays on the deep curiosity that draws us irresistibly to the horror of the morgue and the MO of the serial murderer.


Questions such as:. What is 'good' or 'bad' art - and does it even matter? Is there any way to test if something is art, other than a large group of people standing around looking at it?

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Is art still capable of shocking us or have we seen it all before? Can you be a 'lovable character' and a serious artist - what is a serious artist anyway? And what happens if you place a piece of art in a rubbish dump? A dazzling work of biography, memoir, and cultural criticism on the subject of loneliness, told through the lives of iconic artists, by the acclaimed author of The Trip to Echo Spring.

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When Olivia Laing moved to New York City in her midthirties, she found herself inhabiting loneliness on a daily basis. Increasingly fascinated by the most shameful of experiences, she began to explore the lonely city by way of art. Humane, provocative, and moving, The Lonely City is a celebration of a strange and lovely state, adrift from the larger continent of human experience, but intrinsic to the very act of being alive.

Above all, though, this is the affecting tale of a special dog's place in the universe of humans and in the fleeting life of a special man.

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Sign in. Hidden fields. Top charts. New arrivals. Accused by the tabloid press of setting out to 'shock', controversial artworks are vigorously defended by art critics, who frequently downplay their disturbing emotional impact. This is the first book to subject contemporary art to a rigorous ethical exploration. It argues that, in favouring conceptual rather than emotional reactions, commentators actually fail to engage with the work they promote.

Transgressive art.

Far from clouding our judgement, Cashell argues, shame, outrage or revulsion are the very emotions that such works set out to evoke. While also questioning the catch-all notion of 'transgression', this illuminating and controversial book neither jumps indiscriminately to the defence of shocking artworks nor dismisses them out of hand. Reviews Review Policy.

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